A cause for concern...

Over 41% of the population in the Dominican Republic live below the poverty line, with an unemployment rate double that of the United States. Women are especially vulnerable, where they make 44% less than their male counterparts, and are twice as likely to be unemployed.

With a lack of housing and education, few employment opportunities and very little hope, where does one go?

For many women, they turn to prostitution.

There's another way...

There are currently an estimated 100,000 women working as prostitutes in the DR—that’s three times as much as the United States. And due to financial hardships, more and more Dominican women are turning to sex work every day in order to make a living.

Many enter the trade simply because they have no other choice. Because of the poor quality of their education, many at-risk girls drop out of school and never obtain the skills they need in order to provide for themselves and their families.

Worth More.

Eternally Cherished is a program that not only fights to keep women from entering the sex trade, but also holds them accountable for their continued success.

We want every woman and young girl to realize her self-worth. #WorthMore

Our directives range from providing basic necessities and personal hygiene items, to vocational training and life skills development. We also provide transitional housing for young girls aging out of orphanages.